Cell phone outages in Boston highlight Ham Radio use – Southgate Amateur Radio Club

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Cell phone outages in Boston highlight Ham Radio use
Southgate Amateur Radio Club
Runners weren’t the only thing stopped at the 2013 Boston Marathon following the bombing – cell phone operation screeched to a halt as well.

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Another reason to keep your Amateur Radio License current.  It seems that most commercial communications networks suffer most during emergencies…During the March 2011 tsunami warning for Hawaii Island, the cell phone providers were overwhelmed with calls from worried residents, despite pleas to stay off cell phoned except for dire emergencies.  I was working at a commercial broadcast station at the time, and our staff had to rely on the wired phone backup to keep in contact with local civil defense officials. Texting seemed to work a bit better than cell phone voice during the emergency.  While cell phones were unusable for several hours, the old dial-up phones worked well with no interruptions.  Hawaii Island ARES and RACES stations handled a lot of traffic that day.  Although it’s no hard and fast rule, expect normal wireless communication to be interrupted during emergencies.  Let the Boston bombings serve as a cautionary tell for those who put all of their communications resources into one mediu.  Aloha de KH6JRM.

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