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Rebuttal: Communication key in antenna issues
Pomerado Newspaper Group
I am in total agreement with the editor’s May 15 comments that it is about time the Poway City Council addressed the ham radio antenna issue.

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Excellent rebuttal letter from Poway City Councilman Jim Cunningham.  The Poway City Council will approve a new antenna ordinance within the next 60 days.  A proposal to allow amateur radio operators a height limit of between 35 and 60 feet is a key element of the proposed height limit.  Cunningham stresses that "The size of the antenna up to 65 feet may not be a basis to object to the antenna."  Cunningham believes a new permitting process which entails notification of neighbors, the filing of a formal building permit, observance of set-back rules, and following accepted safety procedures will do a lot to mitigate community concerns.  Cunningham says what the council can do is "provide a forum for discussion and decision" based on facts.  This seems to be a reasonable approach to a problem which has divided the community for months.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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