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Business Insider Australia My New Favorite Social Network Is Ham Radio Sturgis Journal If you travel through rural areas, you’ll commonly see large antenna arrays on people’s roofs or even huge radio towers on their property, but by no means do you…

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

An interesting article about one man’s involvement in the social side of amateur radio.  Dylan Love’s article for the "Sturgis Journal" provides a generally positive picture of amateur radio activities and how hams communicate with each other using modes and methods both old and modern.  I think most amateur radio operators would agree that ham radio was the first electronic social network of the 20th century.  Love goes into some detail how amateur nets and roundtables set the stage for the digital social networks of today.  This is the type of article that should be given to newcomers to the hobby and to those interested in amateur radio.  It’s nice to hear something positive and uplifting about amateur radio.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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