The FCC Thinks We’re All Idiots

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[Note:  This item comes from friend Jock Gill.  DLH]The FCC Thinks We’re All IdiotsBy Ashley FeinbergMay 18 2014< a few days ago, the FCC voted in favor of a pretty uniformly terrible proposal t…

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Thanks to reporter David Hall for this pointed article by Ashley Feinberg.  In this post, Feinberg delivers a caustic, highly negative review of a FCC notice of rule making to support the concept of internet fast lanes.  Feinberg doesn’t mince words, saying "The FCC thinks we’re a bunch of idiots."  Feinberg says the two-track internet highway idea is discriminatory, restricts competition, and shows the FCC’s ignorance "of what a minimum standard would even begin to look like."  On top of all this, FCC Chairman Wheeler says his agency lacks engineers and IT personnel to bring the FCC up to date.   Perhaps another approach to this issue is to contact your congressional representatives and have them look into the matter.  Better yet, have the GAO conduct a formal inquiry.  Perhaps a professional engineer with a background in broadcasting, computer programming, and IT systems analysis should head the FCC.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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