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In a recent post, I had mentioned how I had purchased two refurbished Windows 7 computers from the Blair Group via eBay. One was to replace the family computer that died, and the second was to replace my shack laptop …

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Larry Makowski (W2LJ) has had good luck in replacing his family’s PC and his shack computer with refurbished Windows 7 machines from the Blair Group on eBay.  He wanted something simple without a lot of extraneous applications or software.  The Blair Group was able to supply Larry with what he needed for his family and shack computers.  With the end of formal support for the Windows XP platform, it may be a good idea to replace your PC with a more up-to-date machine.  For Larry, the Windows 7 computers proved to be just what he needed.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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