Resident causing radio interference faces steep fines

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Russ Roberts‘s insight:

About a year ago, FCC agents began to investigate alleged radio interference caused  by Thomas Rogers, after amateur radio operators complained about the interference.  FCC personnel visited his property twice to measure radio signals.  According to the FCC citation, Mr. Rogers "failed to respond" to the FCC’s multiple attempts to contact him by phone and in writing over the past year.  Mr. Rogers faces the possibility of a fine of $16,000 per day if he doesn’t disconnect the "unintentional radiator" (a lighting system) within 30 days of 30 April 2014.  As our use of electronic devices increases, you’ll see more of the rf interference cases.  Part of the interference burden must be borne  by the manufacturers themselves.  Some part 15 devices radiate more than the legal amount of rf.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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