Communities concerned over southwest cell tower – CTV News

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Communities concerned over southwest cell tower
CTV News
An old ham radio tower sat on the site until last fall and Rogers says it is simply replacing what was already there. The community …

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

While I usually disregard community hysteria regarding communications towers (both amateur and commercial), I think these residents of Calgary, Alberta, Canada may have a point.  Neighbors of the new tower claim that the cell phone company never informed local residents or schools of the impending project.  Only when construction began did residents figure out what was happening.  I imagine all of the noise, safety, and health concerns normally voiced prior to the construction of these towers was highly magnified because residents were kept in the dark.  It’s unclear if the cell phone company held the required public meetings to acquaint the public with the proposed project.  If the company failed to follow through with a public meeting, they should be cited by Industry Canada for not following the law.  At the very least, the cell phone company "put the cart before the horse."  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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