K9CT Contest Station – Layout

See on Scoop.itKH6JRM’s Amateur Radio Blog

K9CT Contest Site (@ryan2390 Dunno, I reckon there comes a point where the concept of ‘amateur’ radio is exceeded eg http://t.co/jekAowSNju)

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Great view of the K9CT contest station in Trivoli, Illinois.  There is a reason for this station’s strong signal–just check out the massive antenna farm.  Most of us will never have an arrangement such as this, but we can optimize the antennas we do have.  Use quality materials, adhere to a maintenance schedule, and keep all equipment in the best shape possible.  It would be a treat to operate this station. One can always dream.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

See on www.k9ct.us

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