Essex Ham and its 2013 montage of amateur radio events.

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UK club offers some fascinating video coverage of its activities.

Russ Roberts‘s insight:

Source:  "CQ", May 2014, pp. 82-83.


While I was filing away some recent copies of "CQ" Magazine, I ran across a nice article in the "cq world wide" column by Tom Smerk (AA6TS).  According to Tom, Essex Ham in the UK has released a video montage of its events during 2013.  The short (8-minute) video covers special events, rallies, conventions, and other activities involving amateur radio clubs in the UK.  I’ve seen the video and I agree with Tom that Essex Ham has done "an excellent job of not only telling us what Essex hams have been up to and makes you want to get more involved with ham radio once once you  see the excitement, camaraderie, and enthusiasm contained in this presentation."  This UK ham radio group also has  released a series of "Getting Started Guides" for newly licensed amateur radio operators.  Perhaps your amateur radio club can do something similar to publicize ham activities in your community.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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