A brief overview of my MFJ 1788 loop antenna. | AmateurRadio.com

The antennaOverall I have been very pleased with the purchase of the MFJ 1788 loop antenna. Considering the location I am in and the restrictions of a condo.

Source: www.amateurradio.com

Despite some obvious drawbacks (narrow banded, some quality issues, and erratic SWR readings), Mike Weir (VE3WDM) seems satisfied with the performance of his MFJ-1788 loop antenna. Mike is satisfied with the QRP contacts he’s made with this small loop.  He seems pleased with its small footprint, its ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically, and its ease of concealment.  The comments following his post elaborate on some of the above issues.  This antenna may help those restricted by HOAs and CC & Rs to get on the air.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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