Radio Amateur Information for Unisat-6 –

Unisat-6 transmits in amateur radio frequencies. Any radio amateur is invited to receive the satellite telemetry and post it bellow this post. We will periodically plot graphs of the status of the satellite based on the data you send us.


Here are the operating parameters of the Unisat-6 satellite.  The spacecraft has a UHF transceiver "dedicated both to TT & C and digipeater  for HAM radio amateurs."  Amateur radio operators are invited to use Unisat-6 once "the primary mission of the satellite has been completed."  Details will be published on twitter and on  The working frequency of Unisat-6 is 437.425 MHz, using GFSK modulation at 9600 bps with the standard AX.25 protocol.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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