Swiss 60 Meter Beacon Now On the Air: –

Swiss 60 Meter Beacon Now On the Air: Although radio amateurs in Switzerland do not yet have access to the 60 meter band, the Sursee Amateur Radio Club has received authorization to operate an experimental beacon…


A Swiss 5 MHz beacon is on the air, using the callsign HB9AW on 5291 kHz.  The beacon is transmitting in CW with incremental powers of 10 W, 5 W, 1 W, 100 mW, and finally ending with 10 mW.  The purpose of the experimental beacon is to study 60 meter propagation within Switzerland.  The antenna is a have-wavelength NVIS-type dipole, 0.12 wavelength above ground.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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