HAM Antenna Blog: Single Quad Loop For FM Radio DXing

Single Quad Loop For FM Radio DXing:   N.S.HARISANKAR – VU3NSH The quad antenna have a gain of 1.4 dB over a d… http://t.co/wGCfUlO6sk

Source: ham-antennas.blogspot.fr

A nice, decent article by N.S. Harisankar (VU3NSH).  This is a good, general tutorial on the history, design, construction, and use of a "single quad loop for FM Radio DXing (88 MHz-108 MHz).  Although this article discusses the loop as a FM broadcast receiving antenna, the theory and principles explained in this post also apply to loop antennas built for amateur radio  VHF/UHF use.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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