VC1T plans Transatlantic 144MHz attempt |

Over the years, there have been plenty of attempts to bridge the Atlantic on 144MHz, via tropo or meteor scatter. Up to now, it hasn’t been done. There’s no doubt at all in my mind that it’s possible – it’s just a question of try, …


Bridging the Atlantic Ocean on 144 MHz via meteor scatter and tropo remains an elusive goal.  According to Tim Kirby (G4VXE), a North American group using the call sign VC1T plans to bridge the Atlantic on 144 MHz between 04 July and 12 July of this year.  Kirby says the group will “use good power to a 43-element yagi (yes, 43 elements) and concentrate on FSK441 and JT65b modes.  This combination could be the key to the puzzle.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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