Tiny satellite aims for the stars – Times Colonist

Tiny satellite aims for the stars
Times Colonist
The satellite would also be an OSCAR, or an orbiting satellite carrying amateur radio, meaning that it’s open for communication with the amateur radio community.

Source: www.timescolonist.com

Excellent article from the "Times Colonist" by reporter Katie DeRosa.  A small shoeboxed-sized satellite designed and built by University of Victoria engineering students has won the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge over five other schools.  The students will use pyrolytic graphite and high-powered lasers that could allow the nanosatellite to be manipulated using a magnetic field.  According to 3rd-year engineering student Devin Pelletier, "that could lead to breakthroughs in new forms of space travel and make more efficient systems for spacecrafts."  Now, the search is on for a launch vehicle to insert the small satellite into an 800 km low earth orbit (LEO).  Hopefully, an open spot will be found in the next two years.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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