FCC fines Bay Shore man $25K for jamming emergency frequency – Newsday

The Federal Communications Commission has fined a Bay Shore man $25,000 for repeatedly jamming an

Source: www.newsday.com

According to "Newsday", 53-year-old Drew Buckley is facing a $25,000 fine for intentionally and repeatedly jamming an emergency radio frequency used by the Melville Fire Department.  The FCC added that the fine in heavier than usual because Buckley showed "a resolute disregard for public safety."  Michael Carment, the Melville Fire Chief at the time of the incidents, told "Newsday" that he was happy with the fine, adding "That means money is a deterrent amount…it sends the message you can’t do this."  I’m glad FCC enforcement efforts are cracking down on these sociopaths who get their "kicks" from endangering the public.  The FCC should not mitigate any of the fine, despite the man’s pleas that he can’t afford the cost of his transgression.  Perhaps, Buckley should be required to stand on a public corner with a sign around his neck reading, "I’m a criminal."  This type of behavior should not be tolerated.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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