In the shack |

I live on a hill, which somewhat compensates for the indoor antenna. After a nearby strike fried my phone I had an electrician put a commercial grade surge protector on the line coming into the house.


Thanks to Roger Lapthorn (G3XBM) and his fellow commentators on basic safety procedures to be followed when thunder and lightning approach your area.  First and foremost are to disconnect all of your equipment from the power mains and to disconnect your antenna from your transceiver.  The antenna feed line should be taken away from the shack and attached to a ground rod located away from your operating position.  You may also want to insert a static discharge unit in your antenna feed line to "bleed off" static electricity that can build up on your antenna.  As suggested by one of Roger’s fellow amateurs, you may want to consult a license electrician to evaluate the overall safety of your radio room.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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