Chinese X108 QRP transceiver can now be ordered | AmateurRadio …

G1KQH has told me that the 9-band multmode transceiver, the X108 from China, can now be ordered.


The Chinese are coming.  According to Roger Lapthorn (G3XBM), the 9-band Chinese "X108" QRP transceiver kit is ready to ship from the Peoples Republic of China.  Although Roger prefers a Yaesu-817ND for his QRP operations, he acknowledges that the "ugly" Chinese radio may be up to the task.  Just wait a few months for some more "back engineering", and the Chinese will make a big impact on the amateur radio market, especially if the price is competitive and the quality improves.  Remember when Japanese electronics were dismissed as "toys?"  The same pattern is developing in this case.  Just look at your smart phone or your iPad.  Most of these communications marvels are made outside the U.S.   Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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