Amateur Radio Club – Charleston, West Virginia news from Eyewitness News

Amateur Radio Club Hosts Convention At Coonskin. Charleston, West Virginia news from the Eyewitness Newsroom.


It’s always nice to get TV coverage of Field Day.  This report from WCHA-8 TV in Charleston/Huntington, West Virginia has a few lapses in terminology, but, otherwise does an excellent job of highlighting the Field Day activities of the Kanawha Amateur Radio Club at Coonskin Park over the past weekend (28-29 June 2014).  Club member Terry Sanner sums it all up–“If there’s a disaster-even a local disaster, a chemical spill or if there’s anything that we’re needed, we’d provide the communications and help out the city police and state and county.”  Well put….that’s one of the purposes of our life-long hobby–community service.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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