CB Radio, Antennas and Accessories

Started a new blog on cb radios, antennas etc… I have been in the cb radio since I was 18. Been a Ham since 2009. http://t.co/Y0CflA4jYO

Source: cbradioandaccessories.blogspot.fr

Although Dan Wagner’s (KC2YTI) website is primarily CB-oriented, he does a pretty good job of describing several antennas that will work on both 11 meters (CB) and the amateur radio 10 meter band.  Among the antennas Dan recommends is the Solarcon A-99, the I-Max 2000, and the familiar Starduster.  All of these antennas can be modified for 10 meters without much trouble.  I once had a Solarcon A-99 in my CB days and found it to be well made and capable of withstanding the tropical weather in Hawaii.  When I became a novice and later a technician class licensee, I was able to use this antenna on 10 meters with some modification.  With the help of an antenna transmatch (tuner), the old Solarcon could do a decent job on 15 meter CW.  If you choose to buy one of these CB antennas and convert it to ham use, be sure to buy the add-on radial kit.  Dan has made a good beginning on his website.  Hopefully, he’ll add more ham-related articles as he gains more experience in the amateur radio community.  Good first effort!  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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