The Most Frustrating And Painful Phone Call We’ve Ever Heard (Except Maybe That AOL One)

Remember how we wrote that article about how audio rarely goes viral? Well Ryan Block’s 8-minute phone call trying to cancel service from Comcast is going to be one of those exceptions.


Thanks to reporter David Hall for this strange story of a simple disconnect gone wrong.  No one should have to face the trial undergone by Ryan Block when he tried to cancel service from Comcast.  I believe this is the same company that’s joining with Time-Warner Cable to form a super media company.   As for me, no thanks. I cut the cord a long time ago…I don’t miss the "media bundle" offered to me at all.  I save a lot of money and have more time to chase DX or complete those "honey dos" that come with a conjugal relationship. My deepest sympathies to Mr. Block.  The way he was treated was inexcusable.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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