45 years after Tranquility: One small step to a bright future | NASASpaceFlight.com

Forty-five years ago tonight, people across the world held their breaths as a hair-raising, heart-pounded descent occurred a quarter of a million miles away from Earth. At the Sea of Tranquility, on 20 July 1969, two humans succeeded in what many had considered impossible: landing and walking on the surface of another world.



Source: www.nasaspaceflight.com

I remember that night 45-years ago. I was stationed at Mather Air Force Base near Sacramento, California and watched this over a television set in my squadron’s briefing room.  I wished I could have been there, but as a “desk commando” (admin type), I was in no way qualified to be part of that historic mission.  I was so glad when the landing and departure were a success.  We were back in the space game again!  Those were the days.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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