Congressman Claims FCC Won’t Enforce, Investigate Broadcast Indecency

Congressman chastises the FCC for not adhering to broadcast standards covering indecency.


Thanks to reporter David Hall for this juicy tidbit from the commercial broadcast world.  It seems as if everyone connected with broadcasting, and to some extent in Amateur Radio, wants the FCC to "crack down" on indecent programs and advertising on the airwaves.  Oklahoma Congressman James Lankford claims that complaints of indecency on broadcast stations have gone "uninvestigated and unenforced."  All well and good, but remember, FCC enforcement usually means more personnel and equipment to monitor the airwaves for compliance.  That translates into money, something Congress has been unwilling to release for many worthwhile projects.  We can all desire better enforcement on a number of issues, both commercial and amateur, but, until Congress shows a willingness to pay for extra monitoring, all of this wrangling is just talk.  Show me the money and then I’ll believe the complaints have merit.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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