Radio World: Five Questions: Cris Alexander

Radio World TechBytes talks to Cris Alexander about broadcast engineering’s future and its challenges


Thanks to reporter David Hall for sending me to this story.  As a former broadcast technician and news director for Pacific Radio Group (Hawaii Island), the challenges outlined by Cris Alexander, the director of engineering for Crawford Broadcasting Company, certainly ring true.  According to Alexander, these are some of the challenges broadcast engineers are now facing:

1.  The integration of the personal computer into the broadcast infrastructure.

2.  Finding qualified personnel in the RF field.

3.  The disappearance of “Legacy Technologies” and the full integration of computer and IT into the broadcast plant.

4.  Finding competent and available tower contractors.

5.  Keeping employees current in terms of training and technologies.

6.  Becoming more professional in dress, speech, and communications skills.


When I first started working in commercial and university radio back in 1967, I was fortunate to have experienced, licensed engineers (remember the 1st phone license from the FCC?) guide me in the art of maintaining a commercial and nonprofit radio station.  Some of my engineering mentors were amateur radio operators and proved valuable later on when I needed help in getting my novice amateur radio license.  These early mentors in my commercial and amateur radio “careers” emphasized the need for continuous training, updated equipment, and basic electronics skills.   Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).




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