Your First HF Dipole–an essay by Phillip Chambley (K4DPK).

Source:, dated 23 July 2014. Originally published on 16 June 2010.

On Wednesday, 23 July 2014, I ran across this intriguing, well-written article on HF dipole antennas from Phillip Chambley (K4DPK).  Chambley expressed so well what I’ve been trying to say in various antenna articles published in my Amateur Radio Antenna Blog (  In a few simple paragraphs, Chambley explains how dipoles work, how to design and build them, and what kind of feedlines should be used to get the most efficiency out of your homebrew dipole.  He also covers coax connectors, center insulators, support structures, weather proofing, preferred wire types, and basic safety procedures.  A very nice, understandable essay suitable for any class of amateur radio operator.  I’m in agreement with Lew Giovannetti (KB2DHG), who said, “When it comes to simple cheap and effective antennas, you can’t beat a dipole.”  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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