M1KTA’s QRP ham radio blog: Some antennas… and one of …

Some antennas… and one of SotaBeams Wirewinders. Now got the antennas all up. Had to put up the Union flag on the 10/12/25/17/20. Light house, 80m dipole (I can use almost vertical down too and bottom feed so it is a …

Source: m1kta-qrp.blogspot.com

Nice discussion from M1KTA on the kinds of antennas he uses during QRP operations.  His blog also contains a variety of interesting articles, including the Elecraft KX3, the W3EDP antenna, a review of the Chinese Rock Mite QRP transmitter, a look at the GY560 frequency counter, and a photo essay on a lightning strike.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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