Call to Action: Protect Your Association’s Rules and Standards, Tell Your U.S. Representative to Oppose H.R. 4969 – CAI Government Affairs Blog

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And now, here’s the other side of the debate on H.R. 4969–a measure that would allow more freedom for amateur radio operators to erect antennas and towers in HOA and CC &R controlled housing.  Michael Hedge claims passage of H.R. 4969 "may invalidate community association rules and architectural standards that govern the installation and use of amateur radio towers and antennas."  He adds that "homeowners who want to install a radio tower would NOT have to go through the architectural review process or follow existing community guidelines."  Hedge closing by saying, "The FCC has determined there is no compelling national interest to warrant contractual  agreements between private citizens."  Either way, please notify your Congress member of your feelings on this resolution. Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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