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iLOGAN, Utah – Tiny cubesats, once a teaching tool to give engineering students hands-on experience developing simple spacecraft, are about to make the leap to serious science as a low-cost way to find and quantify deposits of water ice on the Moon for future human explorers to use.


Two presentations at a technical workshop held in association with the SmallSat 2014 conference here indicate that students, their professors and their industry suppliers have pushed cubesat capabilities beyond simple low Earth orbit exercises with little more capability than the first Sputnik. Both addressed what it would take to send cubesats to the Moon, and both are working to realize that goal.


An interesting story from "" about the evolution of Cubesats into a "serious" science tool capable of finding water ice on the moon–something future human explorers would need if a permanent moon base is establishe.  The idea came from two presentations at the recent SmallSat 2014 conference where students, professors, and industry suppliers outlined how the Cubesats could be used in low-cost lunar missions.  Coupled with the expansion of private launch companies such as SpaceX, Cubesat lunar missions could be launched at a modest cost.  ‘Sounds like a great idea.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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