LETTERS: HOAs needlessly fear radio operators – Las Vegas Review-Journal

LETTERS: HOAs needlessly fear radio operators Las Vegas Review-Journal I say to the all-or-nothing, scorched-earth HOA management crowd: look up the word “compromise.” Even though I convinced my HOA board members to reluctantly compromise and adopt…

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Nice letter from Las Vegas resident J. Dan Connell, who urges support for H.R. 4969–a bipartisan measure that would give amateur radio operators relief from antenna restrictions imposed by HOAs and CC&Rs.  Connell feels housing and condominium owners are over reacting, since "most radio operators can’t afford a tower; they just want to put up smaller beam antennas or house-mounted verticals that range from a few inches to 15 feet tall."  In Connell’s view, towers will not be sprouting all over Nevada.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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