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Ham Radio Payload to Circle the Moon: eHam.net A lunar flyby with a ham radio payload transmitting JT65B mode on 145.990 MHz is expected to take place toward the end of this year, giving earthbound radio amateurs the opportunity to receive some…

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Here’s the latest update on the 4M-LXS lunar probed to be launched by mainland China.


According to the “ARRL Letter”, dated 14 August 2014, China has announced plans to launch a lunar orbiter carrying a 14 kg, battery-powered payload known as 4M-LXS.  Signals from the amateur radio payload will be transmitted by the free WJST software (JT65 mode) on 145.990 MHz).  You can download the software by Joe Taylor (K1JT) here:  http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt.  The orbiter is one of the test models for Beijing’s new lunar probe Chang’e-5, which will land on the moon, collect samples, and return to earth.  The orbiter will be launched into a Lunar Transfer Orbit and then perform a lunar flyby before re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after 9 days.  The launch is planned for the end of this year.


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