BBC Radio 4 Extra: The First Pirate

The First Pirate is the title of a Radio 4 Extra–an interview with*Les Woodland who tells the story of Captain Plugge, founder of Radio Normandy, the first station to take on the BBC.


Many of us remember the classic pirate radio stations that counter programmed the BBC during the early 1960s.  Radio Caroline and others offered rock n roll, catchy commercials, and fast talking DJs to English listeners usually tuned to BBC programs.  Although these stations were shut down in time, they left a mark on British radio stations.  That’s not the real beginning of pirate broadcasting in the UK, though.  In a BBC interview with Les Woodward, we learn of an early pirate broadcaster known simply as "Captain Plunge", the founder of the controversial "Radio Normandy" and other off-shore radio stations that taunted the BBC during the 1930s.  Fascinating story…Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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