Simple Ham Radio Antennas: The Multiband HF Stealth Vertical.

I ran across this article by Tony Milluzzi (KD8RTT) while I was searching for some stealth antenna ideas for my “antenna farm” at my new QTH in the Puna District of Hawaii Island.  Most of my wire antennas were “rearranged” by Tropical Storm Iselle on 07-08 August 2014.  Although the house survived intact, the antennas strung between several trees “bit the dust.”  So, I’m rebuilding the antenna site with wire recovered from the storm. What Tony has to offer is an excellent way to rig a 40, 20, and 10 meter stealth vertical using a sturdy tree as the antenna support.  With 16 buried radials and suitable 50 ohm coax, which is also buried, Tony has an antenna that can’t be seen in his HOA-restricted housing area.  He found this stealth antenna performed much better than the antenna mounted in his attic.  When I was fist licensed as a novice operator in 1977, one of my first antennas was exactly like this, the only exception being the coconut tree serving as the “mast.”  Like Tony, I was surprised just how well the antenna worked.  I used this arrangement for several months until I acquired a used Drake MN-4 antenna transmatch to smooth out the small amount of SWR found in my system.  I still have the old Drake MN-4.  A suitable Norfolk Pine Tree is located about 60 feet/18.29 meters from the shack. It appears Tony’s antenna will be resurrected near a rainforest in the Puna District.  I’ll keep you posted.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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