US-to-VK Transpacific Reception on 630 Meters Reported – ARRL

US-to-VK Transpacific Reception on 630 Meters Reported
A radio amateur and medium-frequency (MF) experimenter in Australia has received a 630 meter (475.62 kHz) transmission from a radio amateur and Part 5 Experimental operator in Texas.


The 630 meter band is providing lots of excitement these days.  Take the case of an Australian ham who received the weak 630 meter signal from a Texas amateur radio operator.  John Langridge (KD5NJD), who holds a part 5 Experimental License (WG2XIQ) said the reception of his WSPR signal by Australian ham Davide Isele (VK2DDI) was a "huge surprise."  While the 8,710 mile distance between the two stations is not a record, "It does represent the sorts of accomplishments that the amateur radio community in the U.S. could enjoy if a band at 472-479 kHz ever becomes a reality."  Isele’s antenna is fairly modest:  "a 30 meter thin, galvanized iron vertical wire, strung between a ground rod and a high tree branch for receiving on 630 meters…it has no radials and no antenna tuner." This slice of the rf spectrum just below the standard AM broadcast band has some intriguing possibilities.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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