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On August 20th, Ottawa-based Grafoid Inc, a company involved in the research, development and production of graphene, opened a 225,000 square foot production facility in Kingston, Ontario. The move has Canada positioned to become a world leader in the production of the much-hyped super-material, with effects on many industries, not the least of which is aerospace.


This Ottawa-based company has just opened a 225,000 square-foot graphene facility, which could make Grafoid, Inc. a major player in the production of this material.  Graphene will have a tremendous impact on the aerospace and communications industries.  Graphene will also affect the type of amateur radio equipment we buy in the future.  According to Grafoid, Inc. graphene will replace silicon in microcircuits and computer chips.  The graphene chips will be smaller, use less power, and could be used in sensor displays and solar batteries.  Our equipment is about to get smaller and lighter.  Interesting development.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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