Japanese asteroid mission to carry Amateur Radio.

Source:  Southgate Amateur Radio Club.

A Japanese news report says the asteroid mission Hayabusa 2, planned for a December 2014 launch, will carry  the amateur radio satellite Abyss 2 (Shin’en 2).  The small polyhedron satellite was built by students at Kyushu Institute of Technology and carries a Mode 3 linear transponder for amateur radio communications along with CW and WSJT beacons. Shin’en 2 will have an elliptical orbit around the Sun and will journey through space between Venus and Mars.  Another amateur radio satellite known as ASTSAT2: DESPATCH is also on the launch.  Shin’en 2’s IARU coordinated frequencies include:


437.505 MHz CW beacon; 437.385 MHz WSJT telemetry; an inverting SSB/CW transponder (145.940-145.960 MHz uplink LSB and 435.280-435.260 MHz downlink USB.  Aloha de Russ (KH6JRM).

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