Ham Radio 2014 Presentations Now Available Online. Post #4478.

Source:  http://www.arrl.org, 10 September 2014

Key presentations from the 2014 “Ham Radio” international exhibition in Friedrichshafen Germany, have been posted online.  The Vienna-based DokuFunk archieve (http://www.dokufunk.org/index.php?lang=EN) offers both audio and video presentations from the 2014 Ham Radio, which is Europe’s largest Amateur Radio gathering.

PowerPoint presentations in English include:

“The Enigma and Other famous Cipher Machines” by Tom Perera (W1TP).

“FT5ZM–Amsterdam Island DXpedition” by Ralph Fedor (K0IR).

“K9W–Wake Atoll 2013 Commemorative Expedition” by Lou Dietrich (N2TU).

“VK9MT–Mellish Reef DXpedition” by Leslie P. Kalmus (W2LK).

The German-language presentation “Yagi und Quad Antennen fur den Kurzwellenamateur” (Yagi and Quad Antennas for HF) by Martin Steyer (DK7ZB) is also available.

The videos are well done and give you the feeling that you are there along the shores of Lake Constance.  Someday, I hope to make the trip from Hawaii Island to Europe’s Greatest Amateur Radio Show.  But, for now, the videos will have to suffice.

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