Radio Amateurs of Canada 60-Meter Proposal. Post #4481


Reporter:  George Gorsline (VE3YV), International Affairs Officer, Radio Amateurs of/du Canada.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to pass on the news that the CPC has accepted the RAC proposal on WRC-15 Agenda Item 1.4 (to establish a 60m allocation for amateurs on a secondary basis).  This proposal will be tabled a the CITEL (ITU R2 countries minus Cuba) meetings in Merida, Mexico next month to be considered as the CITEL position going into WRC 15.  In short, it proposes two 25 KHz band segments for amateurs:  5.330-5.355 kHz and 5.405-5.430 kHz.  Amateur access would be on a non-intefering, listen before transmit (secondary) basis, a standard operating apprach already in force in several other amateur allocations (e.g. 440 MHz).

Although this is very good news, the process is still ongoing.  The decision will be made next year at WRC 15.  However, presenting a firm proposal from Canada with specific frequencies for support by the ITU R2 countries of CITEL is a giant step toward a favourable outcome at WRC 15.


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