Ham Radio is best for communication | Southgate Amateur Radio News

Ham Radio is best for communication | Southgate Amateur Radio News.

“The Hindu” newspaper explains why amateur radios are the best “gadgets” for communication.

Reporters say Miroslav Skoric (YT7MPB) explained the use of Ham Radio to students at the 11th International Conference on “Wireless and Optical Communications Networks-2014” (WOCN-2014) at Koneru Lakshmaiah University (KLU), India.

Professor Skoric said, “To motivate the young engineers I came to India to give demos.  The response from the students is good.  Indians are also preparing to form an Amateur Radio Club soon.  I made a request to the government to enlighten people on the benefits of Amateur Radios and encourage formation of many Ham Radio Clubs.”

The work of Professor Skoric is to be commended, in light of the outstanding emergency communications support  rendered by Indian hams during recent floods and tsunamis.

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