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Author:  Robert Hopkins (K7PE).

I found this interesting article while I was reviewing the daily content on  Robert has an excellent suggestion.  Here is his comment:

As I have traveled around the country from state to state in our RV I like so many others noticed how the repeaters are for the most part useless.

So why not use simplex?  Many times I noticed a VHF antenna on a car traveling down the road, but not knowing how to contact that person there goes a lost contact and maybe a life logn friend to be.

So here is my solution, why not go back to the beginning like we used to do and monitor 146.52.

If we had a manufacture design a small voice interface between the mic and the rig that would announce every few seconds or so my call “K7PE listing (sic) on 52”, then when replying to a call the mic would shut the device off to continue the QSO.  After the QSO a double click on the mic would reset the device.

There may be something out there although I’m not aware of it.

What do you folks think?

Thank you for reading 73

Bob Hopkins K7PE


The replies from several amateur radio operators (KB3ZBW, N3AJ, KD6MDV, and others) support this idea of keeping 2-meters alive.  Many repeaters are inactive these days and an increased use of 146.52 (the old national calling frequency) could put some life back into the 2-meter band.  Even on Hawaii Island, the 2-meter band is relatively quiet except for a daily morning net and for emergencies.

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