Amateur Radio Payload on Lunar-orbiting 4M-LXS To Transmit Messages from the Moon. Post # 4531.

Source:  TV Technology, dated 26 September 2014.

Reporter:  Doug Lung.

Comment:  Russ Roberts (KH6JRM).

Summary:  With the right equipment, you may be able to receive messages from the moon sometime late next month.

Article excerpts:

The Amateur Radio payload on the lunar-orbiting 4M-LXS spacecraft will carry up to 2,500 thirteen-character digital messages to lunar orbit for retransmission using the JT65B mode on 145.990 MHz.

The mission is scheduled to run slightly longer than eight days, with the lunar flyby occurring about halfway through the mission.  The orbiter is one of the bes models for Beijing‘s new lunar probe Chang’e-5, which will land on the moon, collect samples, and return to Earth.

LUXspace said the 4M spacecraft will transmit continuously on 145.990 MHz (+/- 2.9 kHz) at 1.5 W into a simple quarter-wave monopole antenna.  “Transmission is based on a 1-minute sequence and a 5-minute cycle.  The transmission will start 4670 seconds (77.8 minutes) after launch”.  You will need  the free WJST software to decode the signals.

More details are available on AMSAT UK’s 4M-LXS Lunar amateur radio payload web page and LUXspace’s Manfried Memorial Moon Mission (4M) website.



This will one of Beijing’s most ambitious space probes.  Luckily for amateur radio operators and short wave enthusiasts, the payload will carry an amateur radio transmitter.  I will try to receive these signals with a homebrewed loop antenna.  If the mission is successful, scientists should gain more knowledge of our nearest neighbor in space–our own moon.

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