HamRadioNow: Digital Amateur Television from the DCC


from the 2014 ARRL & TAPR DCC

Episode 168: DATV-Express Exciter Update

Episode 169: DVB-T for Amateur Radio

Most of the world has switched to digital for television broadcasting. Amateur Radio in the US is not required to use digital (plain old analog’s still fine by the FCC for us), but hams have discovered some (of the usual) advantages to digital, like being noise-free, and being able to adjust the bandwidth/spectrum used.

Here are a pair of talks from the DCC. First, in Episode 168, Ken Konechy W6HHC reviews progress on a digital ATV exciter board and software that a group of hams is working on called DATV-Express. The board is just becoming available. It’s open-source and software-defined. While it will run many modes, Ken’s group has focused on DVB-S, the “Satellite” version of the DVB standard.

Then in Episode 169, Mel Whitten K0PFX reviews how easy it was to get on DATV using off-the-shelf equipment and the DVB-T (Terrestrial) version of DVB. This is a somewhat less technical, ‘introductory’ talk, so I’ll put the video for that one here, and if you want to dig deeper into the DATV-Express, just go to the HamRadioNow web site for Episode 168.

Here’s Episode 169: DVB-T for Amateur Radio

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Gary Pearce KN4AQ


via HamRadioNow: Digital Amateur Television from the DCC.


Thanks to Gary Pearce (KN4AQ) for these two fascinating programs on Digital television for amateur radio operators.  Great presentations from Ken Konechy (W6HCC) and Mel Whitten (K0PFX).  These presentations were given at the 2014 ARRL and TAPR DCC conference.

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