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I want to celebrate you!

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I am on a bunch of mailing list–way too many in fact. Every once in a while I glean something useful from one of them, though. Sometimes, it’s amateur radio related, like how to put on a PL-259 better, and sometimes it’s totally unrelated to amateur radio. (Despite appearances, I do have a life outside of ham radio.)

Well, today’s tidbit is from the WordofMouth.Org mailing list. This list offers tips about how to better market your business by using “word of mouth” techniques. Today’s golden nugget is “Celebrate your customer–not yourself.”

I like this idea a lot, so I want to celebrate you, all of the folks who have gotten their first amateur radio license or have upgraded their licenses by using my “No-Nonsense” study guides. So, every now and then, I’d like to include a profile of one of my readers here on KB6NU.Com.

If you’d be interested in having your story told here, take a look at the questions below. Answer them to the best of your ability and then click “Submit.” Every couple of weeks, I’ll choose one and then follow up with an e-mail or a phone call, write up the profile, and post it here.

This should be a lot of fun, and in the process, we’ll all get to know one another better.

I want to celebrate you!

How did you get interested in radio?

What made you decide to finally get your amateur radio license?

When did you get your license? What license class do you currently hold?

How did you find out about my study guides?

What kind of gear do you currently own?

What kind of operating do you do? (Repeaters, HF, contesting, public service, etc.)

What are your plans for your future in ham radio? Do you plan to upgrade your license? What projects or activities do you plan to pursue in the future?





Address (all I really need here is your city and state)

Street Address



ZIP Code


Phone (only fill out this field if it’s OK for me to contact you by phone)

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An interesting marketing concept for your business or your personal blog. How would you like having your amateur radio story included in Dan’s popular blog?  All you have to do is fill out  Dan’s questionnaire.  You may be selected for inclusion in Dan’s ham radio updates.

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Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

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