New DX Summit Website Seeking Beta Testers, Will Debut Formally by December 1

New DX Summit Website Seeking Beta Testers, Will Debut Formally by December 1

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The DX Summit website will soon have a fresh new face and a more modern user interface. The well-known and popular portal for getting DX spots via the Internet, operated by Radio Arcala OH8X in Finland, will become “My DX Summit” — MDXS for short — when it formally goes live for the Amateur Radio community by December 1. Right now, though, Radio Arcala is seeking a team of up to 200 volunteer beta testers to begin using the new website and offering suggestions and changes in advance of the changeover from the current site to the new one.

“We will welcome some 200 pre-users, who are prepared to try it out and provide immediate feedback to the development team,” the announcement said. “The aim of this exercise is to serve as the final debug phase and to enhance user experience to maximum satisfaction before tens of thousands suddenly fire their browsers to help them in their future DX hunt.” Prospective “pre-users” may e-mail Radio Arcala to express their interest.

For starters, My DX Summit will display spots in HTML format as they are posted, so users will not have to wait for a new set of spots to reload every 60 seconds. The page has a clean and modern look and feel, and users can select filters in a check-off type menu. For example, users who don’t want to see any VHF spots can check a box, or they can check which VHF bands they do wish to receive spots for. Receiving only CW, SSB, or digital mode spots is just a matter of clicking the appropriate boxes in the filter menu. Selected filters are listed on the top of the display. In short, the new site will let users customize the cluster postings to their particular preferences.

With My DX Summit users no longer have to go to another menu page to share a spot. A dialog box appears on the right-hand side of the display. In addition to offering time and date filtering, the Spot Search menu lets the user download search results into a CSV file.

A “Tutorials” pull-down menu provides access to a comprehensive help file and instruction manual.

My DX Summit also will offer an “advanced propagation tool powered by VOACAP.” When users click on a spot it will display propagation to that location not only for that particular time but for an entire period of 24 hours on all bands. The site also will integrate a “DX News” section.

Radio Arcala said that a lot of effort — still ongoing — has been put into having MDXS work with a majority of mobile devices and browsers.

It’s expected that the advance testing process may result in some changes and additions to the site.

Radio Arcala’s Martti Laine, OH2BH, said the current DX Summit site is serving some 143,000 unique users each month. “With all these new features, we plan to double the number,” he told ARRL. “What is amazing on our portal is that each user is spending an average of 55 minutes on the system. We will soon compete with their TV watching time!” — Thanks to Martti Laine, OH2BH


via New DX Summit Website Seeking Beta Testers, Will Debut Formally by December 1.


Major changes are coming to the DX Summit program.  The well-known portal for DX spotting on the internet, run by Radio Arcala (OH8DX) in Finland, will become “My DX Summit” or MDXS on 01 December 2014.  Radio Arcala is looking for 200 volunteers to use and comment on the new spotting system.  For details, e-mail Radio Arcala.

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