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Operating Notes: log notes, dumb DXers, HT charging

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The other day I worked Bruce, WB8FMA. When I typed his callsign into the N3FJP logging program, the program reported that I had worked Bruce on December 30, 2007, nearly seven years ago. I mentioned this to Bruce, and he looked me up in his paper log.

Apparently, Bruce keeps detailed notes, because not only did he find the contact, he asked me about several things that we talked about that day, including a funeral that I had attended the day before.

That was rather sad, because the funeral was for a fellow ham, who, was one of my Elmerees. I told Bruce that I indeed remembered attending that funeral because the fellow who died was a ham and was one of my Elmerees. He died from injuries sustained from falling down the stairs leading to his basement while taking down a basket of laundry. I think about him nearly every time I take a basket of laundry downstairs myself.

The point here is that I appreciated that Bruce took good notes on our QSO of nearly seven years ago. While I try to take notes, I don’t do nearly as good a job as Bruce did, but maybe I should. The notes would help me remember the contacts and the people I have had contacts with. Not only that, it might help a fellow ham remember something poignant as well.

Dumb DXers

A couple of nights ago, there was a big pileup on 30m. After tuning around a bit, I found that the guy being piled on was 4O7CC, a station in Montenegro. Now, Montenegro is a fine country, but it’s not that rare, so I was wondering why the big pileup. I Tweeted this, and a minute later, a couple of guys responded that the pileup was the result of someone mis-spotting 4O7CC as FT4TA, the DXpedition to Tromelin Island. Apparently, lots of hams jumped into the pileup without actually copying FT4TA. How dumb is that?

HT charging

Talking about dumb, I just did something dumb myself. Yesterday, as I headed for WA2HOM, our amateur radio station at the Hands-On Museum, I grabbed my Baofeng HT. When I tried to turn it on, I found that it was already on. I had forgotten to turn it off the day before, and now the batteries were dead.

No problem, I thought, I’ll just grab the Wouxoun HT. Well, I hadn’t used that for at least two weeks, and when I went to turn that on, I discovered that the batteries were dead in it, too.

Now, it’s not a big deal that I had to go to the museum without an HT, but what if there had been some kind of emergency? The point here is that it’s probably a good idea to keep the handhelds charged, whether you use them or not. If you don’t, when you really do want to use them, you’ll find that the batteries are dead.


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Another thought-provoking article from Dan Romanchik (KB6NU).  According to Dan, your amateur radio experience will be improved if you take good log notes, avoid common DX mistakes, and keep all of your HTs charged.  I’m sure most of us have committed a blunder somewhere in our operational  procedures–something that can be avoided by getting ourselves better organized.  Of course, if you saw my ham shack, you may indeed wonder how I manage to operate at all. So, I’ve begun the process of filing notes, antenna plans, and various notes so that I can readily find them when the need arises. An old filing cabinet in the garage helped solve that problem. As for log notes, I keep a paper log and a school notebook to jot down interesting topics discussed over the air.  In the realm of HTs, I plead guilty.  It’s embarrassing to attend a ham gathering with a dead hand held. That problem will be corrected.  I keep telling myself, “One of these days, I must get organized.”  Well, today is the day.  Of course, once I get everything filed away and settled in various bins and boxes, I won’t be able to find anything.  It’s time to bring out the Dymo label maker.  Anyway, Dan has given me some good ideas on how to manage the random assortment of “radio stuff” I call the “Ham Shack.”

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