Japanese Microsats launched

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Page last updated on: Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Japanese Microsats launched

On Thursday, November 6 at 07:35:49 UT a Dnepr rocket carrying the primary payload Asnaro-1 and four microsatellites was launched from Dombarovsky near Yasny

Kosmotras reported all spacecraft were inserted into their target orbits.

The four Japanese microsatellites are:

– ChubuSat-1 (Kinshachi-1) 437.485 MHz CW/AX.25 (Digipeater uplink 145.980 MHz)

– TSUBAME 437.250 MHz CW and 437.505 AX.25

– Hodoyoshi-1 467.674 MHz

– QSAT-EOS (Tsukushi) an AX.25 GMSK payload has been reported but the frequency is unknown.

Signals have been received from both ChubuSat-1 and TSUBAME.

The 50kg class ChubuSat-1 aims to

• Relay messages in amateur service (AX.25 packet radio Digipeater)

• Take pictures of particular site on Earth commanded from the Earth station with an optical camera and an Infra-red camera

• Try to take pictures of space debris commanded from the Earth station with above two cameras

It will have 3 axis stabilisation

The 30kg class TSUBAME aims to

• Demonstrate satellite bus technology for 30kg-class microsatellite and verification of COTS components such as micro-processors, memory and Li-ion batteries in the space environment

• Verify of Control Moment Gyros developed by the Laboratory for Space Systems

• Demonstrate of high-speed attitude manoeuvres technology using Control Moment Gyros. Some sensor data acquisition experiments will be conducted at the same time in order to demonstrate applications of CMGs

• Demonstrate of SRLL communication protocol developed by Tokyo Institute of Technology and high-speed GMSK data downlink

• Collect data through internet with the aid of radio amateurs all over the world

Satellite info and launch video


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via Japanese Microsats launched.


Four Japanese microsats have been delivered to their intended orbits.  Some of the small satellites are carrying amateur radio payloads. Here are some of the frequencies used by these small satellites:  Hodoyoshi-1 (467.674 MHz); ChubuSat-1 (437.485 MHz CW/AX.25–digipeater uplink at 145.980 MHz); and TSUBAME (437.250 MHz and 437.505 AX.25).

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