IARUMS reports Russian taxis on 10m

IARUMS reports Russian taxis on 10m

IARUMS reports Russian taxis on 10m

The IARU Monitoring System reports on the interference caused by radars and Russian taxis operating in the amateur radio 28 MHz band

The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring System (IARUMS) Region 1 August 2014 newsletter can be read at


Reports of Amateur Band intruders can be logged on the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Logger at


Monitor the short wave bands on-line with a web based SDR receiver at


IARU Monitoring System (IARUMS)


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LOL.. What else is new? Its not just Russian Taxis, but a bunch of idiots in Mexico and Central/S. America. They are all over the band using AM equipment.

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via IARUMS reports Russian taxis on 10m.

As W5LMM points out, the 10 meter interference is not just coming from our friends in Russia, but also from taxi companies in Mexico, Central American, and South America.  In the old days, all we had to worry about was RFI from gypsy cab companies in the major U.S. cities, but now, the jamming is a world-wide phenomenon.  It’s time for the IARU to act.

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Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

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