Old Sunspot Returns

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Page last updated on: Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Old Sunspot Returns

Space Weather reports late last month, the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years crossed the face of the sun, blasting Earth’s upper atmosphere with dozens of solar flares. Its name was AR2192, and now it’s back

The old sunspot is emerging over the sun’s southeastern limb following two weeks on the farside of the sun. See the website for a movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.

In late October, AR2192 unleashed 6 X-class solar flares and many more M-class flares. Strong HF radio blackouts were a daily occurance, and millions of people glimpsed the sunspot during a partial solar eclipse.

For the past two weeks, the behemoth sunspot has been transiting the farside of the sun. During that time it probably decayed. Even if it retains only a fraction of its former vigor, however, it could still bring a significant uptick in solar activity when it fully emerges in the days ahead.

Space Weather


via Old Sunspot Returns.


Excellent article from the Southgate Amateur Radio Club.  It seems as if the huge sunspot known as AR2192 is turning its face again towards Earth.  This large area of the sun’s surface generated several M-class and X-class solar flares the last time it faced our planet.  Let’s hope that a major CME doesn’t occur.  A CME could cause disruption in HF radio propagation and interfere with satellites and solid state equipment.

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