QSO Today EP 16 Scott Zimmerman N3XCC

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QSO Today EP 16 Scott Zimmerman N3XCC

Scott Zimmerman, N3XCC, founder of the W3WAN repeater network in Pennsylvania, joins Eric, 4Z1UG, on the QSO Today podcast, to discuss the FM world of repeaters above 50 Mhz.

Coming to amateur radio from a commercial two-way radio background, Scott applies his expertise to maintain a network of interconnected amateur radio repeaters that provide wide area coverage, international access through the Allstar linking network, and public service in times of emergency.

Scott is also a contributor to the Repeater Builder website, the one-stop for any ham who wants to reassign commercial land mobile radios to amateur service.


Show Notes: http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/n3xcc

Podcast Link: http://goo.gl/UtDWAw

iTunes Store: http://goo.gl/CvLNmV

Stitcher: http://goo.gl/uhf1XZ

via QSO Today EP 16 Scott Zimmerman N3XCC.


Another excellent offering from “QSO Today.” Eric (4Z1UG) interviews Scott Zimmerman (N3XCC) on the “FM world of repeaters above  50 MHz.”  Informative and fascinating tutorial for those of us who are a little “rusty” on repeater fundamentals.  This program is worth adding to your ham library.  Good presentation.

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Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

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