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Page last updated on: Monday, November 17, 2014

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OSCAR Locator App

Tom Doyle W9KE has developed a Windows satellite tracking App that reproduces the graphical display of the original cardboard OSCARLOCATOR

Most tracking programs use an equirectangular projection which is by far the easiest to program and shows the entire Earth at once. A 3D model is often used which helps visualize orbits but does not show the entire Earth at the same time.

Tom remembers having an easier time visualizing the orbits back in the day (1970’s) when amateurs used cardboard Oscar Locators with overlays. This Windows program lets you visualize orbits Oscar Locator style.

You can download the OSCAR Locator from


Other Apps by Tom can be downloaded via


40 Years of Tracking OSCAR-7



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via OSCAR Locator App.


Remember the old 1970s-vintage cardboard OSCARLOCATOR with graphic overlays?  They were a bit crude, but they surely worked and gave many a ham operator a way to find that elusive “bird” in the sky.  Now, Tom Doyle (W9KE), has produced a Windows satellite tracking app that duplicates the form and feeling of the old OSCARLOCATOR.  The app is easy to use and gives you a sense of what it was like to locate and work the early OSCAR “birds.”

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