Annual AM Night on 1936 KHz. December 18

Annual AM Night on 1936 KHz. December 18

The Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association’s (GCARA) 1936 Net will hold it’s annual AM night on December 18, 2014. The pre net activities begin at 6 PM ET and the official net starts at 9 PM ET. Each year, the event attracts 60 to 70 stations from around the country. Net membership is not necessary as this is an open net. Many of the stations are running heavy metal rigs converted from broadcast transmitters, military radios or classic ham rigs from the 40’s,50’s and 60’s. There are also modern SDR and Class E rigs that are heard. This is a fun event where each station gets to describe their station and get signal reports from reporting stations. Bill, NM4A from Union Kentucky will be the event host. Even if you cant’ transmit, this is a event worthy of “reading the mail”.

We hope you can join us December 18th on 1936 KHz…..Jay K8CJY and Geoff W8GNM Net Managers.

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Sometimes, 160 meter signals are received quite clearly on Hawaii Island, especially during the late hours of a winter evening. I don’t know if I can pick up this fascinating event with my new Elecraft K3 and a low-mounted 160 meter loop (I have an acre of forest land on my Orchidland property on Hawaii Island), but I’ll certainly give it a try.  This sounds like a former broadcaster’s dream (I was one a few years ago), having some classic Collins transmitters (my AM station used a Collins 20-E transmitter), old RCAs, and a few Western Electrics serving the cause as amateur radio transmitters. You just can’t beat the sound of some of these old “Iron Monsters” once they are adjusted properly.  Good luck to all!

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Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

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